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We proud  that we have strong team members who are able to do any task.


Our team members have too much experience  to work smartly and provide their best results

We are South African based Destination Management company – we work closely with approved Tour Operator with excellent customer reviews offering tailor made holiday packages in Africa and Asian Countries, for your African Tours. Our biggest Strength is Our Guests. We provide you full security for your trip by guiding you about the tourist spots, take a professional and personal care. We enjoy a good relationship with various leading hotel groups in South Africa We can provide your accommodation at various categories of hotels such as Luxury Hotels, Standard Hotels, Beach Resorts, Backwater Resorts, Heritage Hotels and Home stays. As a best south African tour operator, We can also offer you professional Guides/Escorts who light up your vision about the splendid tourist destinations.




We embrace the values of INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY for the role we play in the world relating to both PEOPLE and the ENVIRONMENT.

With more than a CENTURY’s worth of experience in the travel and tourism industry, an established footprint globally and trusted partnerships with local suppliers, you are always well connected with US.



SILVERSEA JOURNEYS is a GLOBAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT BUSINESS dedicated to creating and delivering world class TRAVEL EXPERIENCES, with a distinctly African SOUL.

In our quest to CONNECT you to extraordinary African destinations, experiences and business opportunities, we’ve worked hard to BUILD AND FUTURE-PROOF our business as a RELIABLE SUPPORT to yours.



Our FAMILY of integrated brands work SYNERGISTICALLY to bring you the perfect travel experience from START TO FINISH.

We at SILVERSEAS JOURNEYS provide you travel opportunities of all kinds, all forms and for everyone. We believe in presenting world in a way that is quite unique, submerged architectures, hidden temples, unexplored culture & tradition, and unhindered. We show you the possibilities that are immense and unending. Explore the deserts, take risks and trek through the Himalayas, bask under the glory of sun god and relax on the golden beaches, hunt the tigers with cameras, make wild friends in the rain forests, travel on the top of world’s oldest working locomotive, or face the force of rapids and go for the river rafting on the wild rivers. SILVERSEA JOURNEYS will provide you all the facilities whilst you are on your personal journey the journey of a lifetime. Believe us when we say, Possibilities are Unlimited You only need your imagination to find them and guts to live them.

As Times have changed, and so the means of tourism to discover all over the world started, for all of us here, that is where the real challenge lies. In being able to match the magnificence of the past with the comforts of the new century for clientele like you Every time.


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